Selections from the Cocktail Culture Foundation
Collection will be available for exclusive purchase at the BarShow this year.

Eihgashima Distillery's ‘Akashi’4 Year Bourbon Cask 500ml 61%

Eigashima Distillery was founded in 1888 in the city of Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, an area blessed with quality water. Eigashima received it's whisky-making license in 1919 and in 1984 established a new whisky distillery. Eigashima presents its Akashi at TIBS for the first time. The four-year bourbon cask was meticulously selected by Eigashima president Mikio Hiraishi himself. Stored and aged in close proximity to the sea and warm earth, it's hard to believe this superb bottle is but a four-year, what with it's fine finish and complex flavors that linger. 季の美
Special Venue Price
¥14,000(incl. tax)

‘KI NO BI Old Tom Gin’ 700ml 45%

This old tom gin from Kyoto Distillery is made by adding the dark brown sugar of Yonagunijima Island to its staple ‘KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin’. Unlike its white cousin, this dark brown sugar is full of minerals, is sweet and carries a complexity of flavors. The label design was overseen by KIRA KARACHO, a paper screen merchant established in 1624 and the only that has remained in business since the Edo Period. Just as advances in distillation techniques began to wane for old tom gin, there have been signs of a revival in the past few years. And along comes a new old tom gin, courtesy of Japan’s dedicated gin distillery. Enjoy. IIchiro's Malt
Special Venue Price
¥6,000(incl. tax)

‘KI NO BI Navy Strength’ 700ml 54%

 Ki No Bi is produced at the Kyoto Distillery by separately distilling botanicals in six categories.
 The 'base' is comprised of juniper, orris root and Japanese hinoki spruce for a profound flavor. Yuzu and lemon 'citrus' expound the essence of Ki No Bi while the 'floral' is Oriental and romantic prickly ash and leaf buds that tighten up the flavor. 'Spicy' ginger offers a heightened complexity. 'Herbal' bamboo grass and red beefsteak plant are subtle yet stately. And only the highest quality green 'tea', a gyokuro from an established Kyoto tea house, bring it all together for a refined flavor.
 The result is the exquisite balance of Ki No Bi.
 More, Ki No Bi Navy Strength is 54% alcohol, and not the standard 45%, so there is even more reason to enjoy this special limited edition item.
Special Venue Price
¥5,500(incl. tax)