Special Guest : Mr. Dale DeGroff Special Guest : Mr. Dale DeGroff
The Journey of the cocktail

Known as the King of Cocktails, bartending industry master Dale DeGroff invites you on a journey into the cocktail to explore its history and broaden your knowledge. As an extra special treat and in conjunction with our theme of "Cocktails & Music", Dale will sing for us. Let's all join in the fun!

Special Guest : Mr. Dave Broom Special Guest : Mr. Dave Broom
Rumba to Rum Bar - Cuban Fusion

Cuban Music & Rum... Mr. Dave Broom who has a deep knowledge of liquor & music introduce you about the influence how the music affects the liquors. Please enjoy your time to think of how Cuban liquor culture goes with music.

Japan Gin Association Japan Gin Association
Talk Show Commemorating the Release of The Complete Book of GIN!
Gin Trends in the Japanese Market


The Japan Gin Association provided editorial supervision for The Complete Book of GIN, nothing less than a textbook, that was released in March. To commemorate the release, Japan’s very own three GIN GUARDIANS, who were instrumental in supervising and assisting with the publication, discuss gin regulations and methods, current gin trends in the Japanese market, and future outlook.
Guest speakers: Hisashi Kishi, President, Japan Gin Association, Masami Ohnishi, Western Spirits Expert, and Shigeo Fukuda, Japan Insight Ltd.

Cocktail Culture Foundation Cocktail Culture Foundation
Annual Bottle Talk Show - Venture Whisky - Let’s Go to Chichibu Distillery!

The appeal of this year’s Annual Bottle, including characteristics of the Chichibu Distillery and vision of the producers will be presented on stage. This is a rare opportunity to have a peek at the inner workings of this otherwise private distillery.
Presenter: Ms. Yumi Yoshikawa, Brand Ambassador, Venture Whisky Co., ltd.

Ambassadors of ISLAY Ambassadors of ISLAY
Annual Bottle Scotch Whisky Talk Show ‘Caol Ila’

The Ambassadors of Islay showcase this year’s BarShow Scotch whisky Caol Ila Annual Bottle, the unique characteristics of the distillery and impetus of the producers to share the delightfulness of Scotch whisky in this Talk Show. Dave Broom himself selected the barrel and will discuss the flavor.

Whisk-e Ltd. Whisk-e Ltd.
Dave Broom Hosts a FEVER TREE Seminar

Dave Broom talks the appeal of FEVER TREE and FEVER TREE cocktail pairings. This is the perfect opportunity to come find out why FEVER TREE is loved the world over.

The Appeal of Cuervo and the 1800 Brand & How Best to Enjoy

Global Ambassador Stelios Papadopoulos will speak not only to the history and allure of the No.1 tequila brand in the world Cuervo and the 1800 brand, he will go on to demonstrate how to enjoy the cocktails of both brands.

Presenting the Allure of Glen Dronach, Ben Riach & Glen Lassaugh

Stewart Buchanan, Global Brand Ambassador for Glen Dronach, Ben Riach and Glen Lassaugh, will walk us through the appeal of the single malts produced by each of these three distilleries.

Japan Insight ltd. Japan Insight ltd.
Italian Aperitifs - Welcome to an Enchanting World Spun by Botanical Magicians

Mancino Vermouth has raised Japanese bartending vermouth IQ exponentially since making it’s BarShow Main Stage debut last year. This year, we are proud to announce that renowned bartender Giancarlo Mancino will be here in person to touch on everything Italian aperitifs - from vermouth to bitters, how botanicals are made and used, and how to incorporate those into cocktails.

Ms. Shoko Tomita Ms. Shoko Tomita
Flair Bartending Performance

A staple attraction since performing at the first Tokyo International BarShow, the too beautiful to flair Ms. Shoko Tomita will once again take the stage. She has prepared a story book interpretation for a feminine touch. Be sure to catch her once again this year!

Suntory Spirits Limited Suntory Spirits Limited
Suntory - The Charm of Japanese Craft Cocktails (ROKU, HAKU & Kanade)

Using Suntory Japanese craft bottles ROKU, HAKU and Kanade, bartenders representing Japan and overseas will take the stage to show off their original craft cocktails. Representing Japan are Yuichi Hoshi (Bar Hoshi) and Akinori Shibuya (Bar Aileron). Suntory spirits liqueur that has been reimagined from its 100-year-old history to a craft vodka made with 100% Japanese rice grown with the blessings of Japan’s natural environment and animus of the rice farmers meets the appealing craft liqueur Kanade made from Japanese ingredients and craftsmanship.

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