Mr. Dale DeGroff

 Mr. Dale DeGroff is a bar industry veteran aptly called the “Kind of Cocktails”. He began to hone his genius in the 80s with a number of bars, the most famous being the Rainbow Room in New York City. There he was responsible for rejuvenating the classic cocktail. Dale has been the recipient of countless awards and has been tremendously influential in the industry spanning many years. He also serves as a consultant for bars all over the world, trains bartenders, judges cocktail competitions, and is the founder of the Museum for the American Cocktail. A legendary bartender, Dale DeGroff has a penchant not only for cocktails, but for music too.

Mr. Dave Broom

 An editor of alcohol and music, David has been active for many years and is well published In particular, he is famously well-known for the publication of The ‘World Atlas of Whisky’ which explores key whisky distilleries in great detail. Dave has made the trek to Japan for TIBS four times and in 2018 he served as Official Executive for the Tokyo International BarShow.